Revolutionizing Ophthalmic Treatment with MiDROPS®

Experience the future of ocular drug delivery with EyeCRO’s Microemulsion Drug Ocular Penetration System (MiDROPS®).

About midrops®

Innovating for better vision

With MiDROPS®, EyeCRO is pioneering a breakthrough in ocular drug delivery systems. Leveraging nanodroplet technology, our solutions are designed to transform eye care treatment, making medication more effective, patient-friendly, and accessible. Our unique platform enables unprecedented solubility and bioavailability of lipophilic drugs, ensuring treatments that were once challenging to administer can now reach their target more efficiently and with greater precision.

EyeCRO’s mission is to enhance eye drug delivery through innovative solutions.

Versatile Solutions for Ocular Drug Delivery

MiDROPS® innovative platform revolutionizes ocular drug delivery, offering a groundbreaking approach to prepare ophthalmic formulations. By leveraging advanced microemulsion technology, MiDROPS® significantly improves drug solubility, increases bioavailability, and enables precise targeting. This transformation ensures more effective therapies and superior outcomes in patient care. Explore the sections below to understand how our technology can support your pharmaceutical development efforts, and learn how MiDROPS® facilitates the creation and optimization of treatments, helping to overcome challenges in drug delivery and efficacy. Discover how partnering with us drives innovation in every drop.

>1 Million
Number of Microemulsion Formulations
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Innovative Drug Delivery Awaits

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