Formulation Development

Unlocking the full therapeutic potential of ophthalmic drugs requires innovative formulation strategies. At EyeCRO, we specialize in transforming challenging compounds into patient-friendly, effective treatments using our MiDROPS® technology. Our formulation development process is designed to address the unique demands of ophthalmic drug delivery, ensuring that each formulation is optimized for stability, bioavailability, and patient compliance.

Enhancing Ocular Drug Formulations with MiDROPS®

In navigating the complex path to market for new ophthalmic treatments, the art of formulation is where potential is finely honed into precision. With MiDROPS®, we employ cutting-edge microemulsion technology to develop formulation solutions that transcend traditional effectiveness, offering groundbreaking improvements in treatment efficacy. Our expert team utilizes an extensive high-throughput screening methodology, assessing millions of potential formulations.

Formulation Development

Our Approach

High-Throughput Screening: Our formulation journey begins with an advanced high-throughput screening process, where tens of thousands of potential microemulsion formulations are evaluated for their physical stability and potential for ocular delivery. Utilizing our proprietary database and algorithm, we quickly narrow down the vast field to identify candidates with the most promise for enhanced bioavailability and patient compliance.

Optimization for Efficacy: Once promising formulations are identified, our team embarks on a meticulous optimization phase. This involves adjusting the concentration of surfactants, oils, and active ingredients to fine-tune the delivery system for optimal performance, stability, and delivery.

Patient-Centric Design: The final cornerstone of our approach is the design of formulations that prioritize patient comfort and adherence. Recognizing that the success of any ophthalmic treatment hinges on the patient’s willingness and ability to consistently follow the treatment regimen, we focus on creating formulations that are easy to administer, minimize irritation, and fit seamlessly into patients’ lives.

Collaborate with Us

At EyeCRO, we’re forging the path to innovative ophthalmic treatments through our expertise in formulation development. Our dedicated team is ready to join forces with industry leaders, researchers, and healthcare professionals to tackle the challenges of eye care. By leveraging our cutting-edge MiDROPS® technology and collaborative approach, we can work together to transform promising compounds into effective, patient-friendly therapies.