Technology Overview

Unlocking the Future of Ophthalmic Treatment

MiDROPS® represents a breakthrough in ophthalmic science, offering a novel microemulsion technology that transforms how treatments are administered and experienced. MiDROPS® utilizes two separate surfactants to reduce tension between oil and aqueous phases to create a single-phase microemulsion that protects lipophilic drugs from degradation. This approach allows therapeutic agents to be quickly absorbed directly into ophthalmic tissues, targeting the areas of the eye that need them most.

Technology Overview
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The Science Behind MiDROPS®

At the heart of MiDROPS® lies a groundbreaking scientific achievement: creating single-phase microemulsions that redefine the delivery of ophthalmic treatments. This innovative approach combines oil and water-based components with precise ratios of surfactant pairs, resulting in a dilutable, stable mixture that enhances the effectiveness of eye medications. By enabling a seamless blend through advanced surfactants, MiDROPS® ensures that therapeutic agents are delivered exactly where needed, so more drug is delivered with less eyedrop installations. This technological leap has the potential to provide a new level of efficacy for eye care and opens the door to more patient-friendly formulations, making treatment adherence simpler and more appealing.

Understanding the Components and Process:

  • Surfactants at Work: Central to MiDROPS® are specialized surfactant pairs that harmonize the relationship between oil and water. By reducing the tension at the oil-water interface, these surfactants enable these traditionally immiscible phases to blend into a single, coherent system. This process results in the formation of a microemulsion characterized by its low Gibbs free energy.
  • The Role of Microemulsions: MiDROPS® microemulsions are not just a mixture, but they are a finely tuned delivery system. They allow for the dispersion of minute, uniform droplets of medication, ensuring a homogeneous and optically clear solution. This fine-tuning is key to delivering medication effectively.
  • Stabilizing Lipophilic Drugs: Many essential eye medications are lipophilic and struggle to remain stable in aqueous environments. MiDROPS® encapsulates these drugs within the microemulsion, safeguarding them against degradation until they reach their target within the eye. This protective mechanism is crucial for the drug’s effectiveness, from administration to absorption.
  • Precision in Delivery: The microemulsion technology of MiDROPS® not only facilitates more efficient absorption by the eye but also ensures that the medication is precisely delivered to the areas that need treatment. This precision has the potential to maximize the therapeutic impact while minimizing any potential side effects, showcasing a significant advancement in patient care.

Ready to Transform Ophthalmic Care?

Leverage MiDROPS® to:

  • Accelerate Discovery: Harness the full potential of MiDROPS® to fast-track your ophthalmic innovations from the lab bench to the patient’s bedside.
  • Develop Tailored Formulations: Our team can craft formulations that overcome traditional challenges in drug solubility and stability.
  • Enhance Clinical Trials: Benefit from our technology’s precision and efficiency to streamline your clinical trials, from improved patient adherence to more definitive outcomes.