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Featured Research & Publications:

Exploring Advanced Applications of MiDROPS® in Clinical Settings

Our innovative MiDROPS® technology is continually being tested and validated in the field, contributing to the advancement of ophthalmic treatments. A testament to this is its utilization in significant clinical trials, such as the recent Phase 2 study conducted by one of our esteemed partners:

  • Study Title: A Study of TL-925 as a Treatment for Dry Eye Disease
  • Identifier: NCT05745064
  • Overview: This Phase 2 clinical trial investigates the efficacy of TL-925 in treating dry eye disease, utilizing the advanced drug delivery capabilities of MiDROPS® technology. While MiDROPS® is not directly credited, the application of our microemulsion technology in this study underscores its growing importance and potential in the field of ophthalmology.
  • Objective: The primary goal of this trial is to evaluate the treatment’s effectiveness, safety, and patient adherence, highlighting the role of MiDROPS® technology in enhancing drug delivery and therapeutic outcomes.
  • Significance: This trial represents a crucial step forward in our understanding of how microemulsion technology can be leveraged to improve treatment protocols for dry eye disease, potentially leading to more effective and patient-friendly ophthalmic therapies.
  • For more detailed information about this clinical trial and its objectives, please visit the page.

Utilizing MiDROPS® for the Treatment of Autoimmune Uveitis

This study was to determine MiDROPS® ability to deliver cyclosporine A(CsA) to treat experimental autoimmune uveitis (EAU)

  • Abstract Title: Topical application of Cyclosporine-A-MiDROPS™ for treatment of Autoimmune Uveitis
  • Authors: Terry G Coursey, Phillip A Vanlandingham, Ashley K. Sparkes, Drew Wassel, Alexander B Quiambao, Didier J Nuno, Rafal Farjo
  • Published in: Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science 2019;60(9):790.
  • Summary: This study explores the use of cyclosporine A (CsA), formulated in MiDROPS®, for the treatment of experimental autoimmune uveitis (EAU) in a mouse model. The research compares the efficacy of CsA delivered through MiDROPS® against systemic administration and assesses its impact on preventing immune cell infiltration, reducing clinical severity, and preserving visual function.
  • Impact: The impact of this study lies in its potential to offer a novel therapeutic approach for autoimmune uveitis, a condition that can severely impair vision.
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Unlocking New Horizons in Dry Eye Treatment

One of the hallmark studies showcasing the efficacy and innovation of MiDROPS® technology focuses on the treatment of dry eye disease, a condition affecting millions worldwide. Our commitment to advancing ophthalmic care through cutting-edge research has led to significant breakthroughs, as highlighted in the following study:

  • Publication Title: Once-Daily Cyclosporine-A-MiDROPS for Treatment of Dry Eye Disease
  • Authors: Terry G Coursey, Drew Wassel, Quiambao, Alexander B Quiambao, & Rafal Farjo.
  • Published In: Translational Vision Science & Technology, 7(5), 2018.
  • Summary: This pioneering study investigates the use of Cyclosporine-A formulated with MiDROPS® microemulsion technology for the treatment of dry eye disease. By leveraging the unique delivery capabilities of MiDROPS®, the study demonstrated that a once-daily dosage could significantly improve patient outcomes by enhancing medication absorption and reducing the frequency of application, thus addressing both efficacy and patient adherence challenges.
  • Impact: The findings represent a paradigm shift in dry eye treatment, illustrating how MiDROPS® technology can be utilized to reformulate existing medications into more effective and patient-friendly solutions.
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Exploring MiDROPS® for Topical Delivery of Lipophilic Compounds

This study explores the development and assessment of a comprehensive library of MiDROPS®, designed for the topical delivery of lipophilic small molecule agents into both the anterior and posterior segments of the eye.

  • Abstract Title: MiDROPS™ for Topical Delivery of Lipophilic Compounds to the Anterior and Posterior Segment of the Eye
  • Authors: Drew Wassel, Courtney Calbert, Didier Nuno, Alexander Quiambao, Jodi Green, Phillip Vanlandingham, A.J. Dockins, Ashley Sparkes, Eric Phelps, Mandy Lambros, Rafal Farjo
  • Published in: Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science 2016;57(12)
  • Summary: Leveraging Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS) oils and surfactants already approved in FDA-regulated ophthalmic products, the research involved a high-throughput screening of over 30,000 formulations. This process identified a subset that spontaneously self-assembled into microemulsions, leading to the creation of a parent library consisting of 672 MiDROPS® formulations.
  • Impact: The successful formulation of numerous lipophilic agents within MiDROPS®, capable of delivering therapeutic levels of drugs to targeted ocular tissues, marks a significant advancement in the field of ophthalmology. The study demonstrates that these microemulsions can effectively transport medications to both anterior and posterior eye segments more efficiently than traditional delivery methods, with minimal ocular intolerance observed.
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Continuing the Journey of Innovation

As we push the boundaries of ophthalmic science, our dedication to discovering and developing groundbreaking solutions remains unwavering. The research highlighted on this page represents a glimpse into the vast potential of MiDROPS® innovative endeavors. Our journey is driven by a passion for excellence, a commitment to patient care, and a deep belief in the transformative power of research. For a comprehensive view of our scientific contributions, delve into EyeCRO’s extensive list of publications. Discover the depth and breadth of our research by visiting EyeCRO Publications on PubMed.

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